Our Story

In 2006, NASA asked John to help save the International Space Station:

How to commercialize ISS

How to ensure the US leads innovation in Space

John’s response was “I can as long as I can be independent and scientific in my analysis and recommendations”

Since 2008, John has been working on proving the science behind cell replication and differentiation in space, in 3D.  There have been some 200 independent, peer reviewed researchers who have proven John’s science to produce the results to change the world

He has worked in growing 3 companies that you can see on our Companies tab

In 2018 Peter met with Holt and John and they hit it off, shared the dream, and committed to making it happen.  This lead us to create cells.space

Meet the Team

John Kennedy

40 + years experience in applied research, botany, biology, physics nutrition, and biochemistry 18 years with the USDA Worked with over 90 companies, in 19 countries 11 Patents Granted Discovered only pyramid n America – Rock Lake Wis Eliminated the gypsy moth and Boweevil Eradication of poppy plants in Latin America.

Peter McCullagh

35 + years experience as a successful entrepreneur, business executive and thought leader. Prior to founding TenX Ventures, spent ~ 10 years growing and helping to sell 3 companies: Mysis plc which was sold in two parts for $3.2B, Siebel Systems Inc., sold to Oracle for $5.9B, and e-Chemicals Inc., which was sold to Aspen Technology. Before this, McCullagh was a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a banker at Scotiabank, and started and ran numerous start-ups beginning in his teen years. Currently Founder and Managing Partner at TenX Ventures Inc., a Vancouver based, Active, Early Stage Venture Capital firm (Fintech, AI, Cannabis, SaaS, Space) that backs passionate overachievers with early stage funding and advisory, focusing on scaling up rapidly

Holt Smith

30 + years as a business & entertainment lawyer practicing corporate, commercial, securities and real estate law & has served a number of businesses including: Principal Executive Officer of NNRF Inc. | Corporate Secretary of Medical Media Television, Inc. | Director of Primco Management Inc. | Secretary of Olympic Entertainment Group, Inc. | Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc | Vice President of the United States Trust | Director of Broadspot World Wide Wireless, Inc. | Advisory Board at Moxy Commerce, Inc.

Bill Schroeder

40 + years practicing commercial and complex litigation, environmental litigation, tort defense and insurance law, as well as employment and labor litigation. Prior to founding KSB Litigation, Inc, spent 35 years with a large Spokane law.

World Class Mission Team

Richard Godwin

30 + year entrepreneur Served as Director on the Boards of the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation Business consultant for Elon Musk at SpaceX building a business model Founding member of Starbridge Venture Capital Co-owns Apogee Books, a technical space book publishing company.

Dr Michael Wiskerchen

Emeritus faculty member Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Emeritus Director of the California Space Grant Executive Director Space Grant Education & Enterprise Institute
Program Scientist for the Shuttle STS 9 Mission Served on the international Task Force for Scientific Uses of Space Station committee & chaired the Payload Operations team


Intrinsyx Team

Arshad Mian, Dr. John Freeman, Chetan Angadi 
30 + years systems engineering, software development and information technology experience at NASA/Ames Research Center Partnered with Lockheed Martin, Perot Systems, Jacobs Sverdrup, ASRC, and Battelle Memorial Institute Extensive involvement in the development of large Space Station, Shuttle, Airborne, Ground and Constellation Data Systems Architecture programs.

World Class Research Team

Dr Wagner Vendrame

Professor Biotechnology Ornamental & Biofuel Crops | Expert in plant tissue culture, cryopreservation, molecular marker, & biotechnology techniques for plant production and conservation | Lead studies on jatropha genetic improvement for biodiesel/ bio jet fuel production | Evaluated the effects of microgravity growth & differential gene expression 4 spaceflight experiments conducted on International Space Station

Dr. John Freeman

Chief Science Officer Intrinsyx Technologies Corp at NASA Ames Plant biogeochemist; utilized a wide variety of molecular techniques for conducting plant biology & phytoremediation research | Published over 30 times in top tier peer reviewed scientific journals | Conducted Phytoremediation projects within a larger network of International Phytotechnology Society consultants utilizing bio-technologies provided by decades of research